It has been proven time and time again, that participation in sport has a tremendous impact on youth as they travel the path to adulthood, teaching many valuable lessons about team work, commitment, and perseverance in the face of challenges.

The reality is that participation in sports, even at a recreational level, can be very expensive. Registration fees can range from $500 - $800 and there are uniforms and equipment to be purchased, any of which may be cost prohibitive to low income families. This leaves parents/guardians with a difficult decision to make – do they somehow find the money and risk incurring debt they can’t afford? Or do they simply have to pass on the difficult news that their child’s hopes and dreams have to be put on hold?

Camda is dedicated to working with families in high priority neighbourhoods on a case by case basis to ensure that their budding young athletes get the opportunity to realize their dreams at all levels of competition.


The Camda team recognizes the dire need to facilitate access to education programs for youth who are active in sports. All too often, especially after a level of success has been achieved, many young athletes develop tunnel vision, putting so much effort into their athletic endeavours that their education begins to suffer greatly.

We believe that there must be a balance between athletic success and academic proficiency, and that one should not have to be sacrificed for the sake of the other. This is why Camda’s education program provides funding, that allows youth who are athletically gifted to receive one-on-one tutoring in three key subjects: Math, English and Science.

Art & Music

At Camda, we realize that for every talented young athlete, there are at least an equal number of young people who are tremendously gifted in arts and music. We are pleased to announce that funding has been made available for talented individuals who want to grow their artistry beyond the walls of school art rooms, theatres and bands.

Aspiring young artists, musicians and singers in high priority neighbourhoods do not deserve to have their wings clipped by the challenging finances of their families. Understanding the many diverse interests of this group has led Camda to provide financial assistance for youth wanting to further their education in the following areas; Graphic Arts & Web Design, Illustration & Fine Arts, Photography and Video. Additionally, assistance will be provided for musical training in: Vocal Performance & Recording, Recording & Mixing Engineering, Music Composition & Production, and DJing.