Current Initiative.

The Development Fund provides financial assistance to any kid/youth athlete taking part in healthy recreation. The purpose of the Development Fund is to ensure that travel, registration and training costs are covered for athletes and provides the opportunity for travel for a parent/guardian. We understand the challenges and commitment of being the parent/guardian of an athlete. This is why our Development Fund extends to parents, whose involvement is just as important in the achievement of their child’s dreams through sports and education.

  • Who We Fund

    The Development Fund provides support for young people in the areas of sports, education, arts and music. We provide financial assistance for people between the ages of 6 and 18 to help them achieve their goals and dreams.

  • Funding Criteria

    Financial assistance will be made available, on a case by case basis to families/youth that live in one of the priority areas shown. Assistance will be provided up to a maximum of $500. Coaches and organizations applying for funding, should contact Camda by e-mail first.

Funding Eligibility Map

Families living outside of the mapping area may still be eligible to receive financial assistance. Consideration will be given to families living on subsidized rent, or who reside in designated low income areas as identified by individual regions.

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