About Us

Our objective is to provide support that facilitates the nurturing and development of kids and youth through S.E.A.M.

  • Camda Sports Foundation Canada is a charitable organization that helps relieve poverty by providing financial assistance, to give at risk youth, opportunities to participate in healthy recreational activities, academic counselling and mentorship programs. 80581 8515 RR0001.

  • We realize that there may be many barriers to success in sports, education, arts and music. To overcome this, we provide financial assistance to help with expenses related to training, tutoring, registration fees, the purchase of equipment and travel.

    We firmly believe that the loving support of family members plays a critical role in helping young people achieve their goals and Camda is prepared to help offset travel costs for parent(s) and /or guardians who actively support their children’s goals.


To provide opportunities for at risk youth that help them to achieve their goals and dreams in the areas of Sport, Education, Arts or Music.


Our vision is to work within Canadian communities, specifically Toronto - and give all kids/youth the opportunity to realize their dreams in all levels of sports, education, arts and music. Kids and youth between the ages of 6 to 18 years old will have an opportunity to reach new heights and realize their potential in Sports, Education, Arts and Music.